Models Wanted!

Models required for Lip Augmentation treatments and receive up to 50% OFF selected treatments. If you are comfortable for your before and after treatment photo's to be uploaded to the website read more.

Lip Fillers = 50% off your treatment service (Lips must either be virgin or dissolved). 

(In regards to Thursday 17th June limited time only deal;

If you are having a combination of lip augmentations then your total lip filler price will be £55, but if you are just having lip filler treatment your total price would be £75)

Nose to mouth lines (Nasolabial Folds) and Corners of the Mouth (Marionette Lines) qualify for 10% off your treatment service when you refer a friend.

Please note;

You will receive a discount off of your quotation price which will be given to you at your consultation. The prices shown on the website are the starting price for the services offered. Therefore it is important to understand it is subject to change at your consultation depending upon desired look as you are treated as an individual.